To be an advocate for renters and those working with renters' interests; and to connect, inform, and mobilize in order to make local rental markets fair and affordable to all.

Our Initiatives

California Democrats: We need your help!


Listen to what people are saying about the Recall...

Congressman Jimmy Panetta

Senator Anna Caballero

Monterey Councilman Tyller Williamson

MCRU Founder & Director, Esther Malkin





Renters must be protected. This national movement: 

  • educates and supports renters in recognizing the power of their voices in public policy and;

  • educates, inspires, and holds accountable political candidates and elected officials on this  powerful and often overlooked and underserved voting block. 

**Our research and understanding of the number of renters in Monterey County, (indicated in the chart below) was the initiative for this movement.**



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