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VOLUNTEER  Leadership

Esther Malkin, Founder
Political Advocacy and Community Engagement

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In an effort to prevent adding to the existing homelessness crisis in Monterey County, Esther Malkin tirelessly works to  protect renters' rights. In this vein, she founded, and currently directs, Monterey County Renters United—MCRU. Esther has consulted at the local, county, and federal levels on a variety of housing initiatives including the construction of affordable housing units.


Esther continues to influence cities on the creation of 100% affordable housing projects by analyzing their own underused properties for conversion. A key area of her focus is consulting with municipalities and counties to create renter protection guidelines. Included in this significant work has been consulting with cities on the creation and implementation of COVID Emergency Renter Assistance Programs. In 2021, United Way Montery County awarded her the 2021 Live United Awards naming her "Champion for Housing Solutions."

She holds a BA in business & marketing from Florida State University and has directed her lifelong career in corporate sales, marketing, training & public relations to shine a spotlight on social issues that are important to her. Esther is open minded, is constantly learning from those around her, and approaches challenges with creativity and passion.  She sits on the Board of  the Housing Center of Monterey County and was elected to the California Democratic Renters Council.

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