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Monterey County Renters United (MCRU) is a coalition of local individuals and groups interested in fair and affordable housing. We are most active on Facebook. The purpose of our Facebook group is to be a forum for renters and those working with renters' interests in order to connect, inform & ultimately mobilize community and elected officials. Our goal is to make local rental markets fair and affordable to all.

MCRU sees the inequitable housing market as a regional and national problem which is why #RentersVote was created.

Corporate investment companies must be regulated. They don’t have a stake in the community other than making profits. Property management companies need to be reigned in on unreasonable rent increases and policies. 

Our Facebook, Monterey County Renters United page is a closed group. It serves as a safe place to share experiences and information about the challenges of the current rental market. When requesting to join this group, you will be required to answer a few questions. Unanswered questions will not be approved unless you can show you’re a renter or have renters' interest in mind. Landlords are not welcome to this group. 
If you are a renter, please join us.

Our public Facebook page, RentersVote, is open to the public.

Both groups are used to mobilize renters to use their individual and collective voices for the sake of pressuring elected officials so that people can afford to live in their community.

You can gain an initial understanding of the underlying and relevant issues connected to renters on our Learning the Issues Tab.


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