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New York

  A targeted NY initiative tO: 

1) Inspire and motivate Policy Makers
  2) mobilize & educate renters to vote.

  • Renters are a majority of residents in the country & regionally make up an  avg 65% of our cities.

  • Homeownership has been out of reach for minorities especially women.

  • Renters are transient by nature, moving from city to city as their rents increase, therefore rarely follow local politics.

  • This makes them vulnerable to be easily swayed to vote against their best interest by scare tactics used by the special interest groups of property management companies and realtors.

  • Renter's voices have not been heard for decades in govt due to the special interest groups deeply embedded in govt.

  • Renters encompass a variety of voting blocks that can be reached under the umbrella of #RentersVote & will make a difference when motivated to get out and vote so their voices are heard.

  • Candidates with this endorsement significantly increase their chances of getting elected & reelected .

  • #RentersVoteNY can significantly help reduce the lack of political will current pro affordable housing & renter rights electeds lack to make progress on these issues.

New York

Get involved!

National #RentersVote Movement, contact:

Like our Facebook Page.

** Local New York Contact coming soon.

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